The Chagrin River Company Difference

The Chagrin River Company Difference™ is part of what sets us apart from other area remodeling companies and is one of the reasons so many homeowners select us for their projects.

It is also why you can rest assured your remodeling project will be as good or better than you expected, and your experience working with us will be very positive.

In fact, the Chagrin River Company Difference is why so much of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals from past clients.

Some of what makes up the Chagrin River Company Difference:

Since 1988, Chagrin River Company has been the company discerning Cleveland area homeowners have trusted for quality home design, remodeling, and custom homes.

We’re trusted because we have a reputation for putting our clients’ interests first, delivering what we promise, and standing behind our work.

We work hard, so working with us is easy and convenient for YOU. We provide you a simple one-stop shop for virtually any type of home remodeling or custom home project. We are accommodating and flexible to your needs and preferences.

We don’t believe in trying to sell our clients only on what we think is best from our standpoint. We view an important part of helping our clients is educating them and providing them the information they need, as appropriate, to make informed decisions about their own project. We provide expert guidance, advice, and our ideas. But in the end, our clients decide.

Chagrin River Company is registered, licensed, and insured for remodeling and building custom homes. Our specialty trade partners, such as architects, plumbers, and electricians are also.

We subscribe to the high ethical and business standards of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

Every remodeling project or custom home needs to be designed before it is built. We offer our clients a choice of the design method they wish to use.

You can select to remodel or build your custom home using our simple and popular Design-Build Approach, or we can Build from Existing Plans, a more traditional approach, or we can Team with your Architect which is a hybrid of the other two. Each approach offers its own benefits.

If there is one thing we are best known for by homeowners and the local building trade community, it is the high quality of our work. Our reputation with homeowners is what drives repeat and referral business to us.

You value our reputation within the building trades because it helps us attract the best qualified staff, specialty contractors, and suppliers.

We know the quality of our work, and so we have no problem standing behind it in ways other contractors and builders don’t. For example:

We pull permits in our name: The name on the building permit is the entity responsible for the project meeting code and passing inspection. We never ask our clients to pull permits in their name.

CRC’s Extended Warranty: We have confidence in the high quality of our work and so we offer our clients our exclusive CRC Extended Two-Year-Plus Limited Warranty, one of the best in the area.

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