The Chagrin River Company Team

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The best home remodeling and custom home building require more knowledge and skill sets than any one person has or even most  remodeling contractors and home builders have in-house.

So, when you work with Chagrin River Company, you get the benefit of an entire team of top residential design and construction professionals. Our team includes Chagrin River Company staff, specialty professional and specialty trade team members, and our many suppliers.

Our team also includes you, the homeowner. And your role in our team is important.

Meet Mike, Our Founder and President

At the head of our team is Michael Staffileno. He is our president and founded Chagrin River Company in 1988.  And Mike is not your typical remodeling contractor or home builder.

What makes Mike unusual among his peers? Well, Mike has a degree in physics and is a gourmet-level chef. He also loves art, design, metal craft and appreciates nature. And, of course he like building things.

So perhaps starting a high-end kitchen and bath remodeling firm where his love of cooking, art, design, and building things converge is not that much of a stretch.

Mike’s love of nature includes an appreciation of wood and natural building materials. His physics training comes in handy when it comes to calculating heating and cooling loads, solving space and structural problems, and having the math and engineering skills needed for those tasks.

As the need for energy-efficient, yet high-performance, homes only grows, Mike’s knowledge of fluid and thermodynamics enables him to understand, and make good use of, the building science needed to build high-performance, energy-efficient custom homes.

Mike also loves working directly with all of our clients throughout the project design and development phase. He, along with our project managers, works with our clients during the construction phase.

Mike Staffileno

Michael Staffileno

When you think about it, Mike may not be typical, but that’s what makes him outstanding at what he does.

Chagrin’s In-House Staff

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Chagrin’s staff includes members with expertise in:

  • Business management

  • Project estimating

  • Home, kitchen, and bath design

  • Engineering

  • Product and materials selection

  • Project management

  • Construction management

  • Structural and finish carpentry

  • Residential construction

  • And more

Each staff member is handpicked by Mike (and Mike’s awfully picky about whom he hires).

Chagrin’s Specialty Team Members

Remodeling and home building require many skill sets and specialty trades. To get the best of the best people on our team in these specialties, we team with people and companies who are experts in their specialty. Like with our staff members, Mike carefully handpicks our specialty team members.

Our team includes a talented and licensed architect and AIA member, with whom we have worked for many years. He works in tandem with our in-house design team on projects.

When it comes to specialty trade contractors and company team members, we’ve also worked with most for a long time. With Chagrin’s excellent reputation in the local building trade community, we attract the best specialty trades and companies in the area.

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Our Suppliers

Chagrin has long-established relationships with some of the best suppliers in the area. We consider them part of our team.

They carry the brands of appliances, fixtures, cabinets, flooring tile, and other products our clients prefer. They can provide advice and help address even detailed questions our clients have about the products or materials they are selecting.

When it comes to building materials, our suppliers know we demand top quality and delivery when promised. When a specific product or material is in short supply or hard to get, we know we can count on our suppliers to do their very best to get what we ordered as soon as possible.

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All Chagrin’s team members have licenses and are bonded, where and when required, for their specialties. And all are insured.

You! The Homeowner

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Chagrin’s team is here to make sure your project comes out perfectly. But you are also an important member of the team.

We help you with your role on our team. Your role includes:

  • Talking with us about your vision for the project.
  • Talking with us, showing us photos, and sharing your ideas so we can learn and understand as much as possible about your goals, preferences, likes, dislikes, taste, needs, budget, and other important information that helps us create the ideal solution for you.
  • Reviewing, commenting and approving design ideas and plans.
  • Selecting specific products, finishes, colors and, in many areas, materials to be used in your project.

And of course, if you liked our work and working with us as virtually all our clients do, sharing your positive experience with Chagrin with others!

Let’s discuss your project!

We work in these and other fine communities:

Chagrin Falls
East Side Heights

Gates Mills
Highland Heights
Kirtland Hills
Mooreland Hills
Orange Village

Pepper Pike
Shaker Heights
South Russell
Waite Hill
West Side Heights