Spring always brings to mind big plans for sprucing things up, and you may have spent the last few months indoors, staring at all the things in your home that could use some updating.

If you find yourself with lots of ideas for changes you’d like to make in your home, then you’ll be glad to hear that May is National Home Improvement Month. Since the room that is most often remodeled is the kitchen, let’s start there! We have some ideas for updating the room where your family spends so much of their time.

white kitchen cabinets and gray island

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

Expanding Kitchen Color Possibilities

When you start searching for ideas of how to update your kitchen, you’ll find that the all-white kitchen is popular and always an elegant choice. It might look particularly appealing after Northeast Ohio’s long, gray winter. If you want to start with white but brighten it up by adding some color to the mix, we have some suggestions.


One way to spice up your kitchen cabinets is to go with a mix-and-match “tuxedo” style with upper wall cabinets in one color and base cabinets in another. Try white wall cabinets with elegant navy or even a pop of green for base cabinets. Another idea is to pick one color for the cabinets, but a contrasting finish for the island.

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

There are so many great choices of stained, glazed and painted cabinetry finishes to choose from, in addition to light, medium or dark natural woods. A “neutral” color can be anything that you want to use as the basis of your kitchen’s personal style. Pick something you love!


Granite is the most in-demand material for kitchen countertops. The natural stone is durable and has a classic beauty that looks great in any style of home. The most popular colors are neutrals: black, white, beige and gray, which are elegant and timeless.

But granite is also available in shades of blue, brown, burgundy, green, red, and yellow. One of these may be a nice choice for adding a contrasting color to an island or butler’s pantry counter. Since every slab of granite is unique and will have slight variations in color and pattern, you’ll want to see the final slab you’ve decided on in person.

Custom kitchen with blue countertop

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

Quartz countertops are competing in popularity with granite because they are just as sleek and shiny but require less maintenance. Engineered surface options are often more expensive than granite, but if you want a reliable, consistent color overall and don’t mind giving up the pattern variations in natural stone, then you could consider composites such as Silestone, Caesarstone, or Cambria.

Other Ways to Add Color

The simplest way to add color is, of course, in the wall color you choose. Even with all-white cabinetry, you can make your kitchen uniquely “you” with your favorite paint color, whether it’s soft green or bright yellow.

kitchen remodeling photo

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

You can also add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen with a tile backsplash choice that will really brighten things up. A geometric pattern, glass mosaic or a solid bright color each look fresh and fun. Even the color tile you select for your flooring can be the perfect touch needed to brighten and personalize your kitchen.

white kitchen with colorful tile backsplash

Custom kitchen by Chagrin River Company

We have some great ideas to help you spice up your custom kitchen with beautiful design, increased functionality and fun color! Just give us a call!



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