Having proper lighting in a bathroom can make all the difference in how well the space works after remodeling. Though it may be tempting to simply put one fixture in the bathroom, you may be disappointed in the result and how it affects the use of space. Here are some bathroom lighting tips from experts:

  • Allow for lighting in your budget.  While many people spend a lot of their bathroom remodeling budget on fancy fixtures such as hand-blown glass sinks, elaborate faucets and steam showers, no one will be able to see your investment if the area is too dark. Hold onto a chunk of your bathroom remodeling budget for lighting. Excellent lighting can make even moderately priced fixtures look lux.
  • Multiple light sources work best.General overhead lighting simply won’t work for most bathroom spaces. With different areas needing different types of lighting, a variety of ambient and task lighting mixed within the space makes the most sense.
  • Vanity lighting has to be a priority.  Using task lighting at the vanity will help with makeup application and shaving. Overhead lighting on the ceiling tends to throw shadows, so lighting from the side or from above the mirror can provide the clearest work area.
  • Avoid lamps. While many homeowners try to use lighting sources they use in other areas of their house as a decorating, they can be hazardous. Be sure there are GFCI outlets in the bathroom and that no lamps are within six feet of any water source. That way, if they are accidentally knocked over, there is no risk of electric shock.

When you spend a lot of money for a bathroom remodel, you want it to look exactly the way you envisioned. Part of making your bathroom space aesthetically appealing and function is with careful lighting. Feeling like your bathroom could use a little brightening up? Contact Chagrin River Company today at 440.729.7270! for more information on our services.