At Chagrin River Company, we believe these three approaches to remodeling and custom home building are smart and here to stay because they not only make your home more beautiful, they make it more comfortable and can save you time and money.  Let’s take a look.

1. Green Building

This term encompasses many aspects of what today’s homeowners want for their homes. Starting right from the design phase, the idea is to create a home that is better for the homeowner, for their budget, and for the environment.

Resource use and energy-efficient design are big parts of this: reducing consumption (and cost) of power and water, selecting local sources for building materials, using sustainable building materials and more energy-efficient construction techniques, using recycled or recyclable materials when possible, and reducing waste from production methods. We also focus on heating, cooling, ventilation equipment choices and the use of more effective insulation that will help keep the house feeling more comfortable.

Our clients value the healthy aspect of green remodeling, too. We look at indoor air quality, air filtration and building material choices to help protect the homeowners against allergens, mold, mildew, and chemical sensitivities for years to come.

2. Low-Maintenance

We know that you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time or energy to spend on home maintenance. We’re happy to help homeowners find ways to update spaces so they are not only more beautiful, but also cut the time and expense that must be invested in regular maintenance.

As an alternative to granite counters, quartz is non-porous, and resistant to stains, acid spills, mold, bacteria, and heat. If you want the look of rustic wood floors in a high-traffic area without all the fuss, you can get durable porcelain tile in a finish that looks exactly like weathered wood. For a low-maintenance bathroom update, try a large tile size, because the less grout you have the better. A solid surface shower surround would be completely grout-free. Add high-quality plumbing fixtures and you’ve reduced your headaches further.

There is no reason to build a deck now that requires lots of maintenance. Composite materials not only eliminate annual staining, sealing and checking for loose nails, they also provide long-lasting freedom from warping, splinters, stains from spills, and damage from the sun, moisture and insects.

3. Universal Design

Universal design (making stylish living areas that are accessible to all – young, old, and in-between) is a smart idea if you plan on living in your house as long as possible. This is also an important concept if you have a multi-generational household, with aging parents moving in.

Consider lever-type handles for doors and cabinets, at least one no-step entry into your home, and wider doorways and halls. In the kitchen, Lazy Susans, pullout shelves, varying counter heights, and a wall-mounted oven make life easier. Lever-style faucet handles in the bathroom, a detachable hand-held showerhead, and curbless walk-in shower with a bench are luxurious touches that are also practical.

Throughout the home, include rocker-style light switches, adequate task lighting, increased lighting on stairways, and hard-surface flooring materials. The addition of a main floor suite with its own bathroom is good long-term thinking. It could be used as a guest room, a home office, a private room for an aging parent and then in the future it becomes your own easily accessible master bedroom.

These three smart remodeling approaches are sure to stand the test of time.  But there’s also another 3 considerations that are important, no matter the remodeling project: what you need in your new space, what you want, and what you love.

If you’re thinking about a remodel, let’s talk about ideas for combining all the best ideas.