Custom Home Design and Construction

We Build Better Custom Homes in Greater Cleveland Ohio

Chagrin River Company is a special kind of custom home builder.

Working with discerning homeowners in the greater Cleveland Ohio area, we design and build custom homes for clients looking for homes that are designed and built to be better.

We are not a high-volume home builder. We focus our full attention on each home we build. By building fewer homes, we can build better homes.

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Homes Designed for Living, Built for Life

Each new custom home we build is designed with great care specifically for each client.

Our homes are designed to be beautiful, comfortable to live in, and the perfect fit for their location and your lifestyle.

We build homes that provide you with higher performance and energy-efficiency. Homes that require less maintenance and are built to last a lifetime.

And we can design your new custom home to be built within a reasonable budget and that provides you great value.

Beautifully Designed and Crafted Custom Homes

Your home’s beauty starts when we interview you about your likes, dislikes, and preferences for the style and look of your home. Then our talented architects and designers build upon that to design the home you’ve dreamed of. We help you select the products, materials, and finishes that will make your home perfect. No home builder provides you with higher quality craftsmanship and attention to fit and finish than we do.

Homes Custom Designed for the Way You Live

Your new custom home will be as practical for you as it is beautiful. Before designing your home, we learn about how you want to live in your home today and how long you plan to live there. We consider the ages of people living in your home. You may need child safety now or you may need senior accessibility later. We design your home differently if you like to entertain large groups of friends, host small intimate dinners, or just gather the extended family once a year for a holiday feast. We pay attention to how traffic will flow in your home, where you need storage, and how much you need. In short, we look at every aspect of your life that we can, and design with those things in mind.

High Performance, Energy Efficiency and Comfort

kid shoveling snow in Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland is cold in the winter and can be hot in the summer. So, homes can use a good deal of energy. This gets expensive. So we carefully engineer your new custom home to be more energy efficient than area building codes require.

Because we build your home to also be a high performance home, this means your new home it will be as comfortable, if not more, than the typical new home. We use high performance building materials, heating, cooling and hot water systems. We also specify high performance air filtration and heat exchange systems, providing you superior indoor air quality. All these things assure your new home will be more comfortable while using less energy. High performance systems, properly engineered, also help reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

And of course, we can design your home to take advantage of today’s latest home technology. These provide you with even greater control of temperature, humidity and reduce energy costs.

Your Choice of Design and Construction Approaches

There are three primary ways of designing and building a custom home. Each method has its own benefits, and one will be best for you.

We offer you the choice of which method you would like to use. If you are not sure, we can provide you the information so you can make a well informed decision.

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We work in these and other fine communities:

Chagrin Falls
East Side Heights

Gates Mills
Highland Heights
Kirtland Hills
Mooreland Hills
Orange Village

Pepper Pike
Shaker Heights
South Russell
Waite Hill
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