If you’re thinking about a custom kitchen, there are some exciting new kitchen remodeling ideas and possibilities for what more you can do when it comes to entertaining.

Whether it’s large or small, good or bad, every home has a kitchen. And many times, the need for kitchen remodeling is prompted by a desire to entertain more easily and graciously. That’s why we are seeing a trend of adding kitchen amenities and appliances throughout the home, sometimes in surprising places.

kitchen remodeling ideas: beverage bar photo

Butler’s Pantry

A butler’s pantry can be a valuable addition to any custom kitchen. With an extra sink, more cabinets, additional counter space, and perhaps a second dishwasher or refrigerator, a butler’s pantry provides a perfect area for you to stage foods for serving. From hors d’oeuvres platters to coffee cups, everything can be set up out of sight and that extra counter space also helps with clearing dishes. We are often able to carve out room for a butler’s pantry in the existing space…and even a small one can make a big difference in the feel and functionality of your new kitchen.

kitchen remodeling photo
kitchen remodeling

An Outdoor Kitchen

Many kitchen renovations involve opening the kitchen up more to adjacent outdoor living spaces and fully integrating the interior of a home with the deck or patio. This means that you can add more amenities for entertaining besides just a barbecue grill and some patio furniture. A complete outdoor kitchen can also include an icemaker, mini-fridge, counter space for food prep and serving, storage cabinets, and a fireplace or fire pit.

Thanks to 21st century advancements in windows and doors, it’s possible to have a whole wall of energy-efficient windows that let in light but don’t increase your energy bills. Glass panels, such as NanaWall, can withstand high winds and seal out driving rain, sleet and snow, yet fold open to almost completely eliminate the wall between you and the backyard when warm weather arrives. Great for elegant entertaining or family get-togethers!

Beverage Centers

One feature that we see in many of our projects is the beverage center. A great fit for a more casual style of entertaining, it’s often set off outside of the “work triangle” in the kitchen, so guests can feel comfortable chatting with the cook, but still be out of the way of food prep.

kitchen beverage bar remodeling photo
kitchen remodeling photo

Sometimes also found in a great room, finished basement, or sunroom, the beverage center usually has an undercounter refrigerator, a coffee maker, and storage for supplies, glasses, cups and utensils. In a more elaborate configuration, you can add a bar sink with instant hot water, a standalone icemaker, a wine cabinet and even a dishwasher in a drawer.

kitchen remodeling ideas: sunroom with beverage center photo

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Bonus: Breakfast in Bed

A kitchen in the master suite? Yes! Enjoy a head start to busy days or relax on lazy mornings with a small mini-bar in the master bedroom. It’s perfect for morning coffee and doesn’t even look like a kitchen! Built-in cabinets that blend with the style of your bedroom can conceal an efficient – and elegant – beverage center with a single-serve coffeemaker, fridge, microwave, bar sink, counter and shelving.

If you’re considering a remodeling project, we can help you think outside the box (and outside the kitchen) for adding functionality and fun to your home! Take a look at the photo gallery of our work for inspiration and kitchen remodeling ideas. Then let’s talk!