New trends are constantly becoming available in the home remodeling business. One of the newest, hottest trends has to do with bathroom remodels – the three-quarter bathroom.

Never heard of it? The three-quarter bathroom is so new that many people don’t even know what it is. A three-quarter bath incorporates a sink, toilet and shower and eliminates the tub from the bathroom. There are a lot of good reasons to consider this option. Here are just a few:

  • A great space saver.  A three-quarter bathroom is a sleek option for smaller areas.
  • A three quarter bath responds to new bathing habits. This new trend works well because with our hurried lifestyles people are not using soaking tubs as much as in the past.
  • More storage available.  Extra space generated by eliminating a bathtub can be added to closet, vanities or other storage areas.
  • Accessibility becomes easier. A three-quarter bath is an excellent option for those people with mobility problems.
  • Saves on remodeling costs. Not installing an expensive whirlpool or soaking tub can save money in materials and labor for the project.

The three-quarter bath is a trend that is worth investigating if you are considering a bathroom remodel. By eliminating the tub, you’ll save on cost, gain more space for storage and can fit more bathroom amenities into a smaller area. Contact Chagrin River Company today at 440.729.7270 for more information.