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Starting in 1988, homeowners in and around Cleveland have learned they can trust Chagrin River Company for high-quality and luxury bathroom design and remodeling. 

Our clients appreciate the helpful information, guidance, craftsmanship, and personal service we provide.

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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling, One of Our Specialties

We design and remodel all types of bathrooms, but designing and creating luxury bathrooms is our specialty. And we excel at providing our clients the very best bathroom design and quality construction luxury bathrooms require. High-end master bathrooms, powder rooms, family bathrooms, and guest bathrooms are typical of the bathrooms we create.

Sometimes the best option for a specific bathroom is a simpler and lower cost bathroom. Not all bathrooms need to have stone countertops, custom cabinets, important tile, heated floors, towel warmers, large jetted tubs, oversize multi-headed showers with steam, and built in benches, bidets and heated toilet seats.

We help our clients get the most value by designing the right bathroom for their needs. Because that’s what’s best for them.

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Bathrooms Custom Designed and Crafted for Your Comfort

Most accidents at home are in bathrooms. Not everyone is the same size or age. So in addition to how the bathrooms we design look, we pay careful attention to who will be using the bathrooms. For example:

For Children:
A bathroom used primarily by children is best designed with child safety and ease of use in mind.

For Adults:
A bathroom designed for adults with no special needs should still be designed with careful consideration. Most bathrooms we design incorporate “Universal Design” features, even if there are not specific age or physical requirements. These are design approaches that allow the broadest range of people to use the bathroom easily and safely.

For Accessibility:
Bathrooms for those with special accessibility or other needs must be designed around those specific needs. ADA design standards are general guides, but the bathrooms we build are custom-designed around your specific needs.

For Staying in Your Home into Retirement:
For homeowners over 50 or who plan on living in their homes into retirement, there are design approaches and products that make bathrooms easier and safer to use as you get older. These approaches are typically called Living in Place or Aging in Place. If you are not yet ready for some of the approaches, you can at least plan them into the design of your bathrooms now.

Exceptional Quality and Value

No matter what the price range of the bathroom we are designing, quality is a priority. Quality design means we take the time to design the bathroom so it will look beautiful and work well. Quality materials mean that we use materials that will last and won’t fail prematurely. For luxury bathrooms, quality could mean more expensive stone counters, custom cabinets, or imported tile. But lower budget bathrooms deserve attractive finishes and quality construction, as well. We always use quality craftsmen and tradespeople when building a bathroom, no matter the budget. Poor construction quality leads to bathrooms that don’t last, that leak, that fall apart, and we won’t accept that in our work.

The exceptional value we provide with our bathrooms is the high value only quality can deliver. Quality means you will have lower repair and replacement costs related to your bathroom and it will last, and look beautiful, longer.

Cost doesn’t assure value. Value is the relationship between what you pay and what you get.

Information and Help with Product Selections

When it comes to product selections, we help you make informed decisions. Based on your preferences and budget, we provide you recommendations, information, and the help you want and need to make smart, informed product selections. We’re happy to share what we have learned over 30 years. If we don’t have the information you need, chances are we know who does or where to get it.

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  • We recommend, inform and educate

  • We help you as much or as little as you desire

  • We suggest what to look at and where

  • We can go shopping with you

  • We share our experience with specific products and brands

  • We provide you with information you need

  • We raise Red Flags about your choice, if appropriate

  • When you are ready, YOU make the final decision

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