When you are considering a remodel, there are so many things to focus – cabinets, countertops, paint colors, new furniture – the list goes on and on. But one of the most critical aspects of any remodel or addition project is the lighting. Correctly lighting a space can change the very feel of the room, can help set a mood, and can even affect the way the paint colors appear. Here are just a few things to remember about lighting:

  • Poorly lit rooms seem small and murky.  Rooms with undersized or under-powered fixtures can look much smaller than they really are. This is especially true for rooms that don’t have the benefit of the natural light gained from windows.
  • Proper lighting opens up a room and can give it a fresh look.  Bright lighting can help to give your kitchen, bathroom, or addition a modern look. Recessed lighting, track lighting and wall sconces are just a few of the options that are available. Work lighting is especially important for kitchen areas.
  • New fixtures are easy to install.  Adding new fixtures isn’t difficult to do. In fact, they can be installed in just minutes by a qualified electrician and can rapidly change a space from dark and dated to fresh and bright.
  • Add skylights. For small spaces that simply don’t get enough natural light, skylights can be a welcome addition. Since they don’t take up wall space, you can maximize the installation of cabinets, appliances and bathroom fixtures without giving up an outdoor feel. Skylights are particularly effective in kitchen and bathroom remodels.
  • Look for environmentally-friendly options.  Today’s best lighting fixtures offer the same bright light with low energy usage and recycled components.

While there are many aspects to manage in any remodel, lighting is one of the most critical. With the ability to expand the size of a room, add a modern style and improve work area functionality, lighting is an important part of a finished project. Ready to give your spaces a fresh look with new lighting? Call The Chagrin River Company today at 440.729.7270!

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