It’s that time of year in Cleveland when the weather gets sloppy and your family gets busy. You’re wrangling the upcoming holidays, plus family members’ schedules and all the stuff they need for all their activities.

If you want to spend more time having fun with your family and less time cleaning up after them, you know you need more than just a boot tray and a coat rack next to the door. You almost certainly need a mudroom. What better time than right now to configure and customize a space at the back or side door or just inside the entry from the garage to handle all the sports equipment, jackets, backpacks, and of course the wet boots and muddy shoes.


Mudroom addition by Chagrin River Company

Stopping Dirt in its Tracks

The mudroom is a staple in the design of new homes being built today. And with good reason. When you remodel to add one to your current home, you’ll find that keeping your home clean and organized just got a lot easier.

The mudroom can include a locker-style unit for each family member with coat hooks, cubbies, bins, and a bench. Don’t forget a space for shoes, boots and soccer cleats. You need a flooring material that is easy-to-clean and won’t be damaged by a pile of wet clothes that just *might* end up on the floor. Tile is a great choice here, even if the rest of your home has hardwood floors.

Drop It!

What do you look for first when you come through the door? A place to put down whatever you’re carrying: bags, keys, sunglasses, dog leash, or your travel mug. That’s why today’s mudrooms are often combined with a “drop zone” that has a table, some shelves, and even a basket to drop the mail for sorting later. Add an umbrella stand and maybe a mirror for good measure.

mudroom photo

Photo courtesy Wellborn Cabinet

The Mud Stops Here

The closer the mudroom is to the laundry room, the better. So, if you have enough space, it’s a great timesaver to have them together in a utility room. No more dragging that dirty soccer uniform all through the house on the way to the laundry.

Guess Who Loves the Mud?

The best new idea we’ve seen in a long time is a pet-washing station where you can hose off and dry that pup before he leaves muddy paw prints all over the house. It’s a great addition to a combination mudroom and laundry room. A handheld showerhead in a tiled mini-shower designed for pets is great for hosing off muddy kids too!

You know we’ve got some messy weather coming to Cleveland. So, if one of your top home improvement goals is to spend less time on cleaning up after your family and more time enjoying some outdoor fun and a cup of hot chocolate with them, we know where you can start. A mudroom! It will make your life so much easier, we promise!