Project Method Options

Some remodeling and custom home companies offer only design-build services. Others companies only build from existing plans. Chagrin River Company is different. We believe you should decide on the project method you would like to use and so…

Chagrin River Company offers you a choice of three different project development approaches.

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“Design-Build” Remodeling or “Design-Build” Custom Home services is an approach to home remodeling and custom home building in which one company handles the entire project, from design all the way through to construction.

This approach has become increasingly popular since it was introduced in the late 1980s. And its use has been spreading across the country ever since. The reason for its popularity is that, for most types of home remodeling and custom home projects, design-build is simpler, easier, has a single point of accountability, and typically offers more cost control and cost certainty. It also often provides homeowners a lower cost for a project.

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Construction from Existing Plans

“Construction from Existing Plans” is the second two phases of the older “Design-Bid-Build” approach to home remodeling and custom home development. A homeowner contracts with an architect for the design, plans and specifications of the project. Then the homeowner either selects a general contractor or builder to do a cost estimate or they bid the project to several companies for the construction.

This process is best for projects that require a specific architect or a unique set of architectural design and engineering skills, such as for very large or difficult projects. Despite the bidding process, this method is typically more expensive than design-build. But it is a good choice for some types of projects.

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Team or Hybrid Method

The “Team or Hybrid” approach to home remodeling or custom home building provides certain benefits of the design-build and the design-bid-build methods. Like the design-bid-build method, the homeowner selects the architect and also the general contractor to work together as a 3-part team from the very start of the project.

This provides the homeowner some of the benefits of design-build, such as more control over budget and, often, lower costs than design-bid-build. This is because the builder is able to provide cost and construction information from the very start of the project. The architect can then design the project within what the homeowner wants to invest, and not have to scale back the design or use a lower quality contractor to stay within the budget. It also helps improve communications and project transfer from design to construction.

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