The success of your project and the quality of your experience is dependent on you selecting the right design-build remodeler or home builder.

They should be right for your project in terms of qualifications and experience. And they should be right for you in terms being able to work with each other well.

This is no different than if you pick an architect and then later a contractor. What is a little different is the degree in which it is important that you feel you can trust the design-build company and have confidence in them.

Like with any large purchase you should talk with the company’s past clients, check if there are consumer complaints that are unresolved, and check online reviews. Only select a company that passes muster.

However, you also have to feel comfortable with the company and feel you communicate well and can work with them. You want there to be good chemistry. Lots of positive reviews is usually a good sign the company works well with most people, but if you do not feel YOU have good chemistry with the company you are considering. Pause before you decide to select them. A bad fit is not good for either you or the company you are considering.

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