About Us

We are a quality driven, and proudly multi-generational, design and remodeling firm founded by Michael Staffileno in 1989. We have proudly served the northeast Ohio area for over 30 years and have gained the knowledge and skills to tackle all types of remodeling projects. We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms but are no stranger to other living spaces, additions, and new home construction. If you are looking to turn any part of your home into a luxurious space, we’d love to help. 

Our team of designers and carpenters have been with us from the beginning They are experts in their field and producers of the highest quality craftsmanship. We have streamlined our design process to hone in on what our clients truly want, minimizing the overwhelm that often comes with the many decisions to be made during a remodel. Through the use of 3D modeling software, clients are able to visualize their selections in real time, allowing for more confident decision making. Our team is small and close knit so design and production teams are able to meet regularly to ensure the project is being erected to exact specifications. Should any unforeseen hurdles arise, our clients are confident knowing that design and construction will work together to create effective and aesthetic solutions.

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Why Hire Us?

Structural Design That Satisfies All Code Requirements

We never put anything that could compromise our structure’s strength or stability at risk. When designing and remodeling, we ensure everything is by the building and structural code. There are no shortcuts, reduced dimensions, undersized materials, or materials not up to the standard.

Solid Experience

We have been in this line of work for many years, and we have many projects that are either finished or still in progress that we can walk you through. However, we were able to avoid most of the pitfalls common in the construction industry by developing solutions.

Expert within The Chagrin River Company Team

Our company is a team of many individuals and professionals who organizes into various departments. These departments collaborate per a predetermined set of standards and procedures. As a result, we can respond more quickly and effectively to any changes or problems that may arise during our projects. In addition, moving forward with our project at full speed enables us to maintain constant communication with our clients.

Our team of experts is experienced professionals, and we collaborate on all of our projects to ensure they are successful. In addition, our friendly team of experts can explain anything you need to know when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen.

Dedicated Retail Outlet for Hardware and Inventory Management System

Our construction supply store and delivery vehicles are under our control. It guarantees that we will have access to high-quality materials and deliver them to the construction site on time.

High-Quality Work

We can deliver projects of exceptionally high-quality thanks to our extensive experience and the well-established teams of Chagrin River Company. Because of our long history in the construction industry, we have access to skilled laborers. In addition, our well-established teams perform the necessary checks to guarantee that the quality of materials we use for remodeling or construction meets the industry’s standards and requirements.

We at Chagrin River Company are committed to working with our customers to make their ideal home remodeling a reality and enjoy it with their families.


To discuss your timeline, the project’s location, the project, the size and scope of the project, your choices for the finish, and the range of your budget for the completion of the project, fill out our project inquiry form or give us a call.

Even though we work in a sector where change occurs as frequently and predictably as the changing seasons, we have managed to maintain our commitment to the principles that underpin true excellence. These principles include transparency, authenticity, unrivaled craftsmanship, and beauty. Also, feel free to check out our blog.

About Us

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