10 Remodeling Tips for a Successful Remodel

There are many ways to help assure you have a successful remodeling project. Based on our 30 years of experience working with homeowners, we've prepared the remodeling tips e-guide below. It details 10 remodeling tips we believe are among the most helpful. Please complete the download request form and when it is submitted you [...]

5 Things to Remember When Remodeling

Starting a remodeling process can be an exciting time for a homeowner. From the planning and visioning process to the demolition and rebuilding, seeing your ideas take shape into new areas for your home is breathtaking. But, even with all of the excitement, there are things that you need to remember when remodeling as each [...]

Modernizing a Country Kitchen

Modernizing a Country Kitchen With so many farmhouses in Northeastern Ohio, having a country kitchen is relatively common. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen and want to retain the feel but add some modern touches, there are things that can be done to update it and make it the central showpiece of your home. [...]